14 and counting

14 seems to be a magic number these days for people I know!

On Friday, I photographed an amazing 14 year old piano player named Emily Bear. She started her career at 5 years old, and played at the White House when she was six. She is classically trained, and plays classical and jazz. Quincy Jones just produced her new CD for Concord Jazz. Met her and her mom at soundcheck, and took some cool pictures of her!

Emily Bear at the Old Town School of Folk Music on May 10, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.

I got home and found the new issue of Rolling Stone in the mailbox, which included a full page article on my friend Quinn Sullivan, who caused a standing ovation at Madison Square Garden last week at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads concert. I met Quinn when he was ten, and have watched him grow (musically and in real life- he is taller than me now). His new CD comes out next week!

Ah, to be young again!!

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