Real Talent

Earlier this week, I was asked to shoot some photos at a recording session in town. It  was for a song on Robert Randolph’s new CD, featuring Buddy Guy and his band, produced and engineered by the legendary Eddie Kramer. Eddie, along with producing and engineering records by everyone from the Stones to Hendrix, is also a great photographer.

See for some great stuff!

So, after a few takes of the song, something needed to be adjusted and everyone took a break. Robert started playing a simple melody on his steel guitar. Buddy, sitting next to him, without looking over, started playing along. The rest of the band, two of whom were not even in the same room, joined in. No words were exchanged, nobody looked at anyone else, and ten minutes of amazing music emerged through the speakers, while all the onlookers in the studio just stared at them with amazement. I turned my eyes to the board, and Eddie was mixing the song as it emerged. At one point, with no visible communication, the song came to a conclusion, and spontaneous applause erupted in the control room. Robert looked at Buddy and smiled, and Buddy said “Let’s get back to work.”

In my almost 40 years in the music business, I can count on one hand those kind of moments that make all the crap in the business just fall away, and the true reason for being in the business becomes apparent. MUSIC!

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