I was driving home from a meeting this past week, and in a one block space, I saw two people step right into traffic while they were texting. One (a guy) had his baby in one of those pouches on his chest, and looked pissed off when a car had to screech to a halt to keep from hitting him (and his young child). A half a block later, a woman pushing a baby carriage walked right into traffic, pushing her child, and also looked pissed off when a car almost slammed into her.

What is wrong with this world? Were we able to survive when there weren’t cell phones? Didn’t we just wait till we got home to call people? Walking around downtown yesterday, at least one out of three people were either talking or texting as they were walking along the sidewalk, There must be some pretty important business going on!!

On the way home, I stopped at my neighborhood grocery store. I picked up a few items, and picked a small checkout line. One woman in front of me. BUT………. She was talking on her phone to her friend, and the checker, the bagger and I had to wait while she explained to her friend why she didn’t want to go out with the guy who her friend was trying to fix her up with. She finally paid for her groceries and walked away (still talking). I paid for my stuff and went out to my car. She was loading her stuff in to her car across from mine (still talking). I got in my car and. Looking both ways, backed out of my space right as she (without looking and still talking) pulled out and almost slammed into me. She glared at me and took off (still talking).

Maybe I should just stay in my house and watch TV from now on. It might be safer!!


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