A few final thoughts for 2013

From a book written by Anita Elberse, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, titled  Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment :

iTunes sales statistics:

33% of all singles sold only sold one copy

94% of all singles sold sold less than 100 copies

So I guess all that talk about the internet making it a level playing field were wrong! Guess Beyonce has nothing to worry about.

From the strange promotions department:

The Admiral Theater in Chicago (Chicago’s only fully nude strip club) made a great offer this holiday season- a free lap dance anytime a customer brings in a new wrapped toy  for the local toy drive!! That is the Christmas spirit.

Interesting film to watch:

My friend Kevin Mazur is a filmmaker now! Who would have thought?

He made a film this year called $ellebrity. It is showing on cable. I watched it this week. It is an interesting take on the Paparazzi business- makes you want to run all those guys over with a truck! Most telling stories are by JLo and Marc Anthony about their wedding where they tried very hard to have the wedding be private, including telling the guests that they were being invited over for a bar-b-que in the backyard, Marc building all the props by himself by going to Home Depot and buying lumber so a contractor couldn’t sell them out to the tabloids, and then seeing helicopters descend on them and hover overhead, so loud that they couldn’t here their own vows! Also, Sarah Jessica Parker describing being chased down the street by a pack of “Photographers” as she begged them to let her walk to a store in piece, afraid that she would fall and harm her pregnancy. Finally she begged a doorman at a building she was passing to let her inside. He then escorted her to the basement garage to go out the back way, where she met a couple on a motorcycle. The woman offered to exchange clothes with her and walk out the front door as she got on the back of the motorcycle with a total stranger and was driven to her destination. Man, a picture of her must be worth a lot!!! Sure makes me glad that I call myself a photographer as we enter 2014!



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