A few things!

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone there is a Lalapalooza wrap up. In the first paragraph, there is a great quote from Emily Haines of Metric (according to Wikipedia a Canadian band) who, when asked to comment on the tough decision due to the fact that the Strokes and Lady Gaga were playing at opposite ends of the festival at the same time, said “It’s sort of like the Beatles versus the Rolling Stones.” YIKES!!!!!!!!!

On one end, you have the Strokes, a bunch of rich upper east side kids who, had a buzz  around their first album, and as far as I can tell a few charted hits, and then kind of disappeared, sort of reforming for Lalapalooza, probably never to be heard from again. Are they the Beatles or the Stones?

On the other end is a Madonna wannabe with 17 trucks full of equipment (including one semi trailer for her clothes). Minimal talent, and a penchant for self promotion! The most telling part of the article talked about how a great portion of the crowd started leaving after the first few songs of her set. Funny, I don’t remember many people leaving before the end of a Stones show!

Oh well, guess it is the perspective of youth!

Speaking of youth, I just received three CD’s in the mail that I did the cover photos for this year.

1. Pinetop Perkins and Willie Smith for Telark. Pinetop is a very young 97 years old, Willie is a youngster at 74 years old. Both played for many years with the Muddy Waters Blues band. They still perform and records regularly, and record in a lot of different bands. Willie’s son Kenny is one of the most consistent drummers in the blues!

2. James Cotton for Alligator. A very young 75 years old! I have photographed James for three different Alligator covers through the years, and he is always a great guy to hang with!

3. Dave Specter for Fret 12. The youngster of the bunch, Dave has been recording for only 20 years! He also co-owns one the coolest new venues in the Chicago area (SPACE in Evanston, Il.) Great place to hear music, great pizza in the front room, and a full service recording studio in the back!

Speaking of youngsters, I just photographed a new news team for the CBS affiliate in Chicago. Billboards went up this week around the area for the new team, both more than 70 years old, but legends in the Chicago news business. Welcome back, Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson.

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