A few thoughts

Thought #1

I photographed a band called The Civil Wars this week. Really wonderful people and amazing performers. I wasn’t going to stay all the way through, but they were so great I couldn’t leave. I was standing in front of the stage shooting every once in a while, enjoying the music and getting some really nice photos. After the show, I was invited back to say my goodbyes. While talking to Joy Williams, one of the two members of the group, she made an interesting comment. She said, “ You are not like most of the other photographers. You must have read Cartier-Bresson’s book “The Decisive Moment.” “You seemed to be waiting for moments to happen. Most photographers just shoot all the time.” WOW! Someone who gets it. Made me feel like I was doing something right.

Thought #2

This was sent to me this week:


**All artists will allow the first three songs (bands)/15 minutes (electro) unless otherwise indicated.

**Please be sure to check in at the press tent daily for updates.

Friday, April 15
BRANDON FLOWERS – no photographers will be permitted to shoot his set from the pit or the side of the stage.  A link to photos from the artist’s photographers will be made available to the media after his set.  If you have any additional questions, please reach out to his representative: Jen Appel/PRESS HERE PUBLICITY jen@pressherepublicity.com
KINGS OF LEON – Only pre-approved photographers, first three songs.
ODD FUTURE – No photography permitted whatsoever.

Saturday, April 16
ARCADE FIRE – Only pre-approved photographers, first three songs.
PAUL VAN DYK – Photography allowed entire set, first 15 minutes from the photo pit—directions for the remainder will be posted at the press tent day of. Contact: Alexandra Greenberg/MSO agreenberg@msopr.com
PERRYETTY vs CHRIS COX – Photography allowed entire set.

Sunday, March 17
KANYE WEST – No photography permitted whatsoever.

So…. Two thoughts on this subject:

1.)   I guess we should all start photographing electronic artists- they seem to like photographers.

2.)    Who the F—K is Odd Future?

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