A quest for chicken

Boy, I wish people in Chicago knew how to make chicken. They know how to get publicity with bad chicken, but not how to make juicy, fall of the bone, tasty fried chicken!

For that you have to go to Charleston, SC., where I was this week. First stop: Martha Lou’s Kitchen. Used to be a gas station. You have to go outside to get to the washrooms. Inside- 6 tables and a kitchen. A line out the door all day long. People taking orders to go because there was no room to sit. An assembly line in the back dredging chicken in flour and frying it up (and the most important part- making great sides. I had the mac and cheese, my friend Dave had the lima beans- said they were the best he ever had. Ate them all before I had a chance to steal some from him.



Next stop driving through a monsoon to Bertha’s Kitchen. Three generations of owners cooking food for a constant line of people who obviously came there every day- they were yelling out their orders before they even got close to the ordering part of the line, Possibly the second best chicken I have ever eaten (Gus’s in Memphis is the best). Almost done with Dave and my soul food project. Eating soul food across the country- might kill me but what a way to go.



Only place I have found in Chicago that makes great chicken is The Roost. The guy is from North Carolina, and he has a food truck and a restaurant. All others in Chicago are sadly lacking!!!

Quick word about Sirius-XM Radio. We drove 14 hours in the last three days- listened to XM all the way. Went between the Jimmy Buffett station (Dave is a friend of his), the Springsteen station,  60’s rock and the soul station. Every time Dave needed a little entertainment, he would put on the Hair Metal station or the Ozzy Osbourne station, and I would tell stories about every band that came up. We even listened to the Blackhawks win Game 6 driving through the Georgia night. All this makes me want to get in my car and just start driving somewhere for fun. One more road trip next week- Nashville and Cincinatti and I think we are done! It’s gonna be a great book.

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