Last week I spent the weekend photographing some amazing acrobats. One thing I can say about them is: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Eleven people on one bicycle. Five people on motorcycles driving inside a giant metal sphere. A young girl flying 20 feet over the stage, suspended by a silk ribbon.

I went to the seasons premier of the group, called Cirque Shanghai with Alex White,  a friend of mine who is the singer and guitar player in a two member rock band that is starting to achieve some nationwide success:

On the way home, we started talking about one of the most important aspects of being a star- Showbiz!! It seems that most bands today walk on stage, turn on some dark blue and green lights and stand around their instruments and play their songs. Most bands don’t do much on stage, and the bands that do stand out  tremendously. Alex explained that during the show, she climbs up on the PA,  runs around like crazy, and actually puts on a show. I have high hopes for her and her brother to have some real success. They know what Showbiz is.

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