Age is just a number!

In a recent Sports Illustrated article talking about Tiger Woods and the greats that came before him, the author states: “It is about enduring. Enduring is about beating the old men when you are young. And the young men when you are old.”

Which brings me to the Rolling Stones- 50 years as a band. They climbed to the top when they were young, and continue to put on great shows now that they are old.

I went to a show this weekend. The band was called Cults. The road manager came out to talk to us, and I realized that it was the son of a friend of mine- I first met him when he was about 5!

We talked for a while, and I went upstairs to shoot the show. There were three other photographers in the pit. If you added up all of their ages, I am guessing the number would have been about my age. The band was dressed for the most part completely in black and they played in almost total darkness. All the other photographers were using entry level DSLR’s, and seemed to be having many problems.

I have never claimed to be a great photographer, but I feel that my age and experience makes me a great problem solver. As the show continued, I saw many moments that I could work with. Knowing that the camera I use is great under low light conditions, I shot a bunch of stuff, knowing that, even though it looked kind of dark on the screen in my camera, it would look great with a little tweaking.

I walked out of the show confident in my, and Photoshop’s abilities!

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