American voters gets what they deserve

Election day brought me much hope. Barack won, the way his people said he would, although it was kind of scary. The two guys that talked about abortion and rape ( booth Republicans) were soundly defeated, and many tea party people were voted out of office. Good job, America!

But, here in Illinois, we continue to hold our lead as, quoting Newsweek from last year, the most corrupt state in the union. We narrowly edged out Louisiana last year, but we are widening the lead!!

• Only state with our last two governors in federal prison.

• Only major city with three sets of father and son alderman convicted for corruption. (Helps to have a good gene pool if  you want to be corrupt).

Last Tuesday, we saw two more shining examples of democracy at work:

Jesse Jackson, Jr., who has been in and out of the Mayo clinic being treated for depression and bi-polar, who didn’t campaign at all in this election, won in a landslide. THEN…….the day after the election it came out as front page news that he is trying to work a plea bargain on charges that he used campaign funds to remodel his house in Washington, and for flying his mistress around the country. If he goes down as a felon, he cannot hold office and a new election will have to be held, costing the taxpayers mucho money!!!

Then we have the strange case of Derrick Smith, a state senator, who was indicted for accepting bribes last summer and was voted out of the senate (First guy ever to be kicked out) but remained on the ballot. He won in a landslide! Main reason is that most people just voted Democratic, giving him the vote. (see headline of this post). It was kind of humorous to read the description of his “Victory” party on election night. 12 people showed up, and that includes his family. Lots of ribs and chicken left over on the buffet.

Friday’s paper brought some more statistics:

Jackson will be the second congressman in a row from the 2nd District to be convicted of a crime. He is already the third consecutive 2nd Congressional District representative to be embroiled in a sex scandal!!

So, we in Illinois elected two future convicted criminals, ensuring us of our solid standing as the most corrupt state in the nation!! We are very proud.


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