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Britney Spears’ Team Stunned By ‘Unapproved’ Question On ‘Good Morning America’    Posted on Sep 19, 2013 by Jen Heger

Before Britney Spears agreed to appear for an exclusive sit-down interview with Good Morning America, all questioned had to be pre-approved by her team and has exclusively learned they were stunned by an unapproved question that left the pop star panicked.  The interview “absolutely had conditions in place about what Sam Champion could ask her. The formal sit-down interview took place before Britney appeared live on Tuesday from the desert,” a source told Radar.  “Britney’s team panicked when Sam deviated from the pre-approved questions and asked her who her first kiss was. There was a brief moment of panic from Britney’s team, but she handled it like a pro.”  According to the insider, pre-approved questions have always been a demand from Spears’ team.

WOW. I remember meeting Britney when she was just starting out. I was scheduled to do a quick photo shoot with her before her first Chicago show. I was told to arrive at 4PM to set up and get ready. When I arrived, I was given the smallest room in the building, and told to set up. I was told that I could not leave the room- I just had to wait there until Ms. Spears was ready. I was ready by about 4:15, and sat down to read a book (I always carry one with me for this reason!). And there I sat. At about 7PM I heard the opening act go on. At about 7:30 they finished. Still waiting!!

At about 7:50 I heard the stage manager tell Britney’s band to head for the stage. At 8PM, I heard the announcer say “Please welcome- Britney Spears.”  The band started to play and the door to my little room opened. There stood Britney!! The first words out of her mouth were “I don’t like the background.”

I said, “Sorry, no time to change it. Please sit down.”

She said, “I don’t like sitting for photos.”

I said, “Sorry, no time to change it. Please sit down.”

She sat down, I took three uninteresting photographs, she got up and left without a word!

Oh well, another wasted day in paradise.


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