Buddy Guy in January!

Another month of Buddy Guy shows is in the books. 16 shows in 27 days, each show over 2 hours long. I was talking to Buddy before the first show and he was telling me that based on the fact that the economy was so bad this year, and to reward his fans for selling out all 16 shows, he was going to play a minimum of two hours a night to reward them. Imagine that- a 74 year old man, in 2011, when 25 years olds are playing for 90 minutes and complaining that it is too difficult, wants to play more.

Another big story this weekend was the emergence of Quinn Sullivan. Quinn’s father took him to see Buddy play in their hometown outside of Boston when Quinn was 7 years old. Having started playing guitar at the age of five, he had already learned every Beatles song note for note, and was moving on to the blues. Buddy invited him to the stage that night, and he blew the crowd away. His father videotaped the event and posted it on uTube- over 2 million hits to date. This was followed buy many performances with Buddy, appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah shows and many appearances with Buddy, including a few years ago when Buddy, Quinn and Mavis Staples jammed in front of 50,000 people at Taste of Chicago.

Moving forward to this past weekend, Quinn, at the ripe old age of 12 has released his first CD (Cyclone) and opened for Buddy on his closing show of the month. He is not to be missed! Check him out at www.quinnsullivan.me

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