I was scanning some boring photos of Bush this week and it reminded me of  my only photo shoot with the band. They had gotten big fast and were playing in Chicago for the first time at a major venue. I asked the publicist for a quick five minute photo shoot around sound check and she set it up. When the time arrived, I took the band outside near the loading dock, where there were a few doors set into the building, with a stoop leading into the alleyway. I posed them in the doorway, but no one in the band was into doing anything except stand there with bored looks on their faces. So I had an idea, which I explained to the band. Remembering all the great photos of the Beatles from the 1960’s, who would jump around and do all kinds of crazy things for the camera. So my idea was- the band would pose in the doorway, on the stoop, and at the count of three, Gavin Rosedale, the singer would jump off the stoop into the air. Pretty easy, and everyone was into it. But….. as I started the countdown, and got to two, the guitar player, ironically the bald member of the band, yelled stop. He turned to Gavin and said,  “What if when you jumped, your hair was out of place in the picture?” Gavin looked at him in relief, and said “I am glad you thought of that.” Turning to me, he said, “We had better not do the jumping thing.” So I ended up with a bunch of boring photos of four English guys in a doorway, which nobody ever wanted to use! Oh well another waste of a photo shoot.

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