There have been several new chicken places opened in Chicago. They all serve chicken in little metal trays with really bad sides (a major problem). In one case (Honey Butter Chicken) the chicken was so dry I wished that I had brought some power tools to cut it with. The other one (Parson’s Chicken and Fish) served chicken that was so overcooked that water was coming out of it. Both of them have lines around the block every day. Jackson, Ms_0002

Last week, I was on a road trip through the south working on a book about Soul Food. Found myself in Memphis on a very moving trip on Martin Luther King day to the Civil Rights Museum. I stood in the window that James Earl Ray used to shoot MLK. Very sobering moment.

We then went down the street to Gus’s World Famous Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken. What a revelation!!!! Two pieces of chicken on a plate with baked beans, slaw and white bread AND a choice of another side for $6.35. About 40% cheaper than either Chicago place. And man that chicken was good!!!!!! Maybe the owners of the Chicago places should make a road trip and find out what chicken is supposed to be served as!!!


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