Chris Robinson

I got a call on Friday from my friend Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes,  inviting me down to his band’s show on Friday night. Of course I said yes, as hilarity will almost always ensue! Had a great conversation with Chris and Keith Van Horne (from the 1985 Bears) backstage before the show. (Hilarity did ensue).

It is sad that the Black Crowes have broken up. Thery were a great band for 24 years that seem to have hit a new creative Plateau a few years ago, when they last toured. The last few shows that I saw were fabulous, with the band transitioning from rock band to jam band over the course of a few nights.

But maybe the fallout of them breaking up means that there are now three great bands touring the country. Chris’s band, the Brotherhood played two sets of great music Friday night with the crowd singing along with every song. They even have their own brand of beer, sold at each venue they play in (coming soon to a store near you).


Steve Gorman’s band, Trigger Hippy is a great soul, rock band fronted by Joan Osbourne, one of the greatest singers I have ever heard. And Rich’s band, who I haven’t seen yet, is, from what I have heard a great rocking band.


So maybe the fallout is that, rather than getting one call a year inviting me out for some great music, I now get three calls a year!

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