Anyone in my business that complains about the way we are treated should have been with me on my last Soul Food book trip.

I will try to never complain again!!!

We met a woman who participated in the lunch counter sit ins in Nashville. She was taught how to sit still and not react when someone spit in her face, blew smoke in her face, or poured water or tea over her head. Being treated like crap by a 20 year old rock star is nothing compared to that!!!!

We also went to Central high school in Little Rock, AR. And heard about the 9 students who were denied (By the National Guard) entry into the school, by direction of the Governor, in direct disrespect of Brown vs. Board of Education,  but would not take no for an answer.  The President of the United States had to federalize the Arkansas National Guard, to be able to order them to disregard the Governor and protect the 9 students when they went to school!

As the 14th amendment reads:

No state shall deny to any person within it’s jurisdiction  the equal protection of the law.

These trips are really making me think about what really matters in this world, and it is definitely not whether I get to shoot more than three songs!!!


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