Concert? Or Spectacle.

Went to photograph JLo and Enrique Iglesias Friday night. YIKES!! More people on stage dancing than singing (During JLO’s set). Lots of running around and bringing audience members up on stage with him (Enrique).

But…man it was entertaining!! I have always been a big fan of Showbiz and this was it. Video monitors to the ceiling. Stairs to make grand entrances on. And two people giving their audience what they wanted. (IN THE AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT OF A HOCKEY ARENA) Meanwhile, across town 80,000 people were slogging through the dust, (and as I write this a driving rainstorm) to see?? Hear?? 150 bands this week at Lalapalooza. Looking out the window right now, I feel confident in my decision, made about 5 years ago, to never go to Lalapalloza!!

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