Could be the best one yet!!

Someone sent me this link earlier in the week: Click here!

Title of the post:  Emo band Hawthorne Heights charge photographers $150 to shoot band.

First paragraph:

Being a live music photographer might sound like a glamorous life, getting up, close and personal with musicians that many others are paying good money to see, but it’s not without its many flaws. Often annoying fans, as well as being annoyed by security themselves, couple this with the sad fact that much of the labour is unpaid nowadays and it’s quite literally a pretty thankless task.

Hawthorne Heights has come up with a unique Solution:

As The Music Network report, the band recently gave “aspiring photographers” a chance to, in their words, “Come take pictures of us all day at Warped Tour”. They’ll even be so generous and “take your pictures and put them on our Instagram page, and give you full credit for it”. All that and possibly more for the princely sum of just $150.


First of all, the band is a bunch of washed up has beens, so why would anyone want to take pictures of them in the first place. There are usually so many great, visual bands at Warped that it would be very easy to skip a bunch of mopes who wear flannel shirts and don’t do anything on stage! The group later rescinded the offer, but clarified that the offer was kind of an “internship.”

The group are also giving fans the chance to “hang out” with the band at Warped Tour for a mere $250.

Guess the world has slipped off of it’s axis!!!

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