Crazy world!!

Just spent a couple of days in Alabama. They still fly the Confederate flag, and they advertise on television for free picture ID’s (so that African American people can register to vote. At 11:30 Pm on Wednesday, the director of tourism for Montgomery met my friend Dave and I in the lobby of our hotel. We got in the car and headed down the Lost Highway toward a cemetery. We pulled in and she directed us down a road, as she started playing Hank Williams music on her phone. As she told me to stop, I looked to the left and saw Hank Williams grave.


We got out and listened to some music and talked about Hank. Dropped her off, went back to the hotel- got up in the morning and passed Martin Luther King’s house as we headed to Dr. Kings barber so that Dave could interview him (and get a haircut).

I should have too. Was a very cool moment.

Earlier in the day, Meg Lewis, the Tourism lady, took us on a tour of downtown Montgomery. At one point, we were standing at the bus stop that Rosa Parks was standing at when she got on the bus, and Meg told us that the building behind us was the building that Jefferson Davis held his post election party after he was elected president of the Confederacy.

WOW. I couldn’t help but wonder what Donald Sterling would make of Montgomery.

Came back to find out that Amazon got a patent for shooting a picture on a white background!!! I woke up on Friday morning to a quick editing job on some photos I shot last week, when my friend Sara emailed me this link:

I hope I don’t end up in patent jail. Maybe next Amazon will patent shooting on a canvas or muslin background. I guess I will be out of business!!! Maybe Richard Avedon should close up shop!

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