David Bowie

There is a new David Bowie exhibit opening in Chicago next week. I got this email a few days ago:

I’m a reporter with DNAinfo.com Chicago putting together a timeline of David Bowie’s time in Chicago ahead on 9/23, David Bowie Day here in the city. I was hoping for permission to use this photo on my timeline. Is it alright if I include it with attribution to Paul Natkin? Is there anything else you can say about the photo or the show this was taken at that isn’t included in the description?


Tanveer Ali   Data Reporter and Social Media Producer | DNAinfo.com Chicago

I didn’t see it for a while, so the guy decided to call me. He asked the same question. My reply (kind of automatic these days) was:

Is there going to be any payment for this?

His reply:   Oh no! We don’t pay for pictures. But we can give you credit.

I then asked him if he got payed to work at the website. His response was a moment of silence. I then politely declined to let him use the photo and he hung up.

The most disturbing part of this was his offer to “Feature” my photo on their site in return for photo credit, as if I should jump at the OPPORTUNITY to be featured on their site.

I guess I should be  proud to have my photo used for free!!

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