I photographed a band this week that might be around for the long run. They are so young that they had to cancel a show a week ago because the band members weren’t  old enough to get into the venue. They are called Dawes and hail from Los Angeles. Two of the guys are brothers, whose father, Lenny Goldsmith is the singer of the legendary Tower of Power. They have a great album out and are getting a ton of great critical acclaim.

Thursday night they played a sold out concert at the Metro in Chicago. An hour of great pop music, reminiscent of the Byrds, played to a sold out crowd who seemed to know the words to every song, the band gives me faith that there might be a future to the world of music.

Hanging out with them before the show, they were  very nice to me and the people that I was with, constantly offering us something to drink. When they hit the stage, there was a great intensity to what they were doing, coupled with some great musicianship and some perfect harmonies. Go see them while you can still get a ticket!!

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