Sometimes you show up somewhere and are totally shocked. Happened to me this week. I went down to Pritzker Pavillion to photograph a woman named Dessa. Her manager had called me and asked me to come down to photograph her. I did a quick photo shoot with her at soundcheck- she was very nice and a pleasure to talk to.

Then the show started, and as the kids say today- OMG!!!!!


Easily the best show I have seen all year. People around me described her as trip hop. I heard a bit of rap, a lot of rock with a great band, and parts of it were kind of operatic. She has a great voice, very smart songs and great stage presence. I couldn’t stop shooting. At one point, she jumped into the audience, who went crazy. After the show someone described her as a cross between Fiona Apple and Lauren Hill. (Best parts of both of them.)


All in all a great night of music in downtown Chicago. Proves that we live in a great city, when music like that can be heard for free most nights during the summer.

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