Digital or Non-Digital?

There are a few changes in my world. About a year ago, Newsweek announced a groundbreaking new direction. They were going to stop printing their paper edition and go all digital. This caused me to go to the Apple store and buy an iPad, mainly to read Newsweek! It was great for a few months, until my subscription ran out, and their software did not allow me to renew. So after about 25 years of reading Newsweek every week- Newsweek no more!!

About a month ago, an email came into my inbox saying that they were going to start producing a print edition again! Maybe the paperless world wasn’t so great after all. So I re-subscribed and all is well with the world. The magazine is printed on a pretty cheap feeling paper, but the pictures look great, and the articles are pretty long form and detailed. All in all a good deal!!

Last week, I got my latest issue of Macworld in the mail with a notice on the front that this was the last print version, and starting with the next issue, it could only be found online. Here we go again!! We will see how that works out for them. I still like paper, and laying on the couch reading a magazine. Guess that makes me an old man.

On another note, my friend Steve Dahl, who denounced radio pretty regularly over the last five years, is returning to radio!! He is keeping his podcast, while doing a four hour afternoon show on WLS-AM starting in early November. His radio show will be streamed on the net, and his podcast (including all the swearing) will now be a well financed operation. Kind of an embarrassment of riches, as we will now have about five and a half hours of him each day. Lets see how his genius fills that much time. I have no doubt that it will all be great.

So I guess the question now is- digital or non-digital? I hope we don’t start hearing about people shooting film again!!!

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