Do they really want publicity?

Weird stuff on TV this week!

Last Saturday night Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean played at Wrigley Field. On the news that night, there was a five minute piece on Kelly Clarkson, the opening act. At the end of the piece, the announcer said “Jason Aldean also played.” So… did Jason’s people not let ABC Television shoot any of his show? Seems that way. Seems kind of weird for someone to headline a baseball stadium in the third largest city in America and not get any publicity! (Nothing in either paper).

Then, two days later, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z played Soldier Field. Same TV station covered the show. They were only allowed to tape one song, which was lit with dark red light, so dark that you couldn’t tell who was who in the picture! Seems that this is very counterproductive. They were on stage together many times. Couldn’t their people have allowed another song that was lit so that you could see who was who?

I once talked to a lighting designer for a major tour, who had no idea that photographers were only allowed to photograph the first two songs, which were lit very dark. So the next night, the first two songs were lit with bright white lights! Easy solution.

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