Foo Fighters Contract

There has been a lot of internet talk about the Foo Fighters photo restrictions. First and foremost is a post from a Norwegian photographer named Jarle H. Moe

He talks about the integrity of photographers, something that Jim Marshall taught me many years ago. It is a great read, as it talks about how giving in to these contracts makes you lose any artistic integrity you might have thought you already had! It also explains why things are different in other countries. The comments are even more interesting, including this response by Jarle to a comment:

As pointed out, I wrote this piece to show how we, Norwegian concert photographers, have greatly benefited from banding together to not sign contracts, so your whole argument is faulty. The matter at hand here, is not photographers working directly for a musician/management or promoter. Then, there are, naturally, different terms; and you get to actually negotiate them. On the other hand, a photojournalist that gets handed a contract at a venue, either has to sign it, or walk away. Those are the only two options. I say, that for photojournalists with any integrity for their profession, signing is not an option. When all concert photographers band together to uphold the freedom of press and free flow of information, contracts gets dropped, as musicians and their managements value getting coverage more than having control.

Of course, banding together in the US is nearly impossible (kind of like herding cats). Norway is a relatively small country, with a small amount of photographers, who probably all know each other (at least in passing). It is something to think about here in the US, although it has been tried before with disastrous results!

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