G. Love

I have been photographing G. Love for many years, but until yesterday, I never heard his story. And a good story it is. Should be reading material for anyone who is trying to “Make it” in the music industry. G is 41 years old, celebrating the release of his first album on its 20th anniversary. He started out playing on the streets pof Philadelphia for tips. He graduated to playing three sets every Friday night at a bar in Philly for $150 a night, 3 pitchers of beer (one for each set) and three sandwiches.

He was discovered at a music conference in Philly, and started releasing albums (15 of them to date)

G Love at the Charter One Pavillion on July 3, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.G Love G LoveBut his strength is his live performance. He tours all the time, playing anywhere anyone wants him to play. And he plays great!! His music is a combination of  hip hop and blues, the band is him on guitar and harmonica, a drummer and a stand up bass player. His attitude is to win over new fans every night and then keep them. Some people tell him after the show that they have seen him play 40 times, others are seeing him for the first time. He wants all of them to come back. He was asked during our interview how he deals with mistakes and his answer was that they try to turn a mistake into something cool!

So for anyone that wants to go from small clubs to large arenas, I say- check this guy out and be happy playing small and medium venues and continuing to do that for the next 20 years!

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