Three sisters from LA. They started out singing covers with their family at parties, Then they started writing and recording their own songs. A record deal followed, and then they started touring. In the last year they played all the major festivals, were profiled in Rolling Stone, and last night they sold out the Riviera Theater  (2500 seats).

They are delightful to hang around with. Very smart and musically savvy, and they swear like truck drivers!!

And, what a show. The set started off slowly, but the third song, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” erupted into a psychedelic jam session, where each of them got to show off some pretty impressive chops, Danielle wailing away on guitar and Este playing leads on bass. Alana, the youngest, played guitar, keyboards and drums, and walked around the stage in a Cubs jersey (she threw out the first pitch at Wrigley the day before) and what looked like no pants. YIKES!!!


Throughout the 75 minute set, the crowd seemed to know every song, and sang along with all of them.


As good as they are, the most important element of their show is the fact that they seem to be having a blast on stage, About time someone put fun back into music!!!

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