I got some tickets for Hamilton this week. A friend and I went to see it Wednesday night. It was amazing. I usually get very nervous watching theater- I keep on reaching for my camera to photograph the beautiful sets and capture the great lighting. All of that was here but the story was so amazing (and the acting and singing was so great that I forgot about the visuals for a while.) Even Wayne Brady as Aaron Burr disappeared from his “Let’s Make a Deal” persona to be very believable. This was the first cultural event I have ever gone to that I had to study for beforehand!

The most interesting part of the night was my date for the night. A friend of mine is visiting from Russia for a few weeks. She works in the economic sector in Moscow. I suggested that she study Hamilton before she came over (which she did). She knew the whole story (Better than me) and was enthralled by the play. It seems to me to be the perfect intersection of art and history, and we both found it very entertaining. All in all a great way to spend an evening!!

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