Jeff Garlin

Many moons ago, I had a friend who ran a modeling agency in Chicago. She used to arrange test sessions with upcoming models for me. On day she called ma and asked me to go to see a young comedian she was becoming friends with. We went to the show, and the comic was so funny I almost blew my drink out through my nose several times. After the show, I met Jeff, and he told me that he was moving out to LA to try to break into the acting world. He and my friend soon got married and moved to LA. Next time I saw him, he was on the Larry David Show, playing Larry’s manager. Still as funny as ever.

A few years ago, he wrote, directed and starred in a movie called “Someone to Eat Cheese With.” Really funny, but not so successful. This year he released a new film, which I had to buy as soon as it was available. It is called “Dealin’ With Idiots.”

I almost hurt myself falling off the couch- that’s how funny it is!! It is about parents and their little league playing kids. Jeff plays a famous comedian (type casting) who come home from the road to find out his kid sucks at baseball and would rather play soccer. He decides to research a film about the parents of the team (and the coach).

Because he is now an A list comedian, he gets an amazing cast to most likely work cheap. The include Fred Willard, Nia Vardelos, Bob Odenkirk,  Richard Kind,  JB Smoove, Timothy Oliphant, Gina Gershon,  and Jaime Gertz. They are all fabulous. Their interaction with Jeff is amazing, and the film is extremely funny. A must see!!!

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