Just had a great conversation with a friend of mine over breakfast. Topics eventually came to the media, and it’s purpose. We talked about a new interview with Barack in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, where he partially blames the internet for our problems. We now seem to believe anything we read on line!! I acquired a Facebook page when I was running a not for profit and needed it to communicate with members. I have never used it since. People communicate to me on Facebook and I try to answer them by telling them that the best way to get to me is by phone or email. They respond to that by messaging me on Facebook!!!

I understand why Donald Trump likes Twitter as much as he does. His pea-brain can’t construct a thought more than 144 characters. I guess we will have to put up with that for the next four years (hopefully not eight). Maybe he will lose interest during the four years!!

Seems that people are making up “False” news and putting it on the web, causing guys to go into pizza places with guns. This practice is defended with the line- “Well, it could be true.” There is no more fact checking- just copy and paste whatever you think looks good and put it out there- maybe people will think it is true!!!

A couple of years ago, Kitty Kelly was writing a book about Oprah Winfrey, and she wanted to interview me. I had no interest, and ignored all of her calls. So one day she showed up at my house. I wasn’t home so she left a note in my mailbox with her cell number on it. I didn’t call her back. So…..when the book came out, I went to a bookstore to look at it and found my name in the index. When I turned to the page, I saw that she had copied and pasted a paragraph from my website (even though there is a clear copyright notice on every page of my site. Oh well, I guess that is journalism today!!

Random thoughts. I really have lost interest in the whole thing

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