At many times and in many conversations over the past two years, the conversation has turned to the idea that journalism is dead. In Chicago, the daily newspaper keeps on getting smaller and smaller, and looking more like a comic book. I still buy the Sun Times every morning, wishing for better and Monday I got it!!

The cover story was about a 62 year old Mexican American man who was beaten to death by three gangbangers, who videotaped the attack and placed it on their Facebook Page. They were caught, and confessed.

But the deeper story was the man who was killed. Kim Janssen, a Sun Times reporter followed the coffin back to Mexico, and reported on the mans life, from Mexican musical star, to American citizen and back to the grave he had dug for himself next to the house he had built for his family with money earned from construction jobs in Chicago. THE ARTICLE RAN 5 PAGES!!!  The whole paper that day was only 80 pages. That’s journalism.

Does size matter???

Maybe not- This guy wailed on this thing!

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