This week I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing performer. WHe is Columbian rock star Juanes. One of the best shows, musically and production wise that I have seen in years, even though I could not understand a word spoken or sung from the stage! (except for the word CHICAGO,  which was spoken many times). The crew treated me with utmost respect from the time I got to the venue at 4:30 in the afternoon, till the time I left at midnight. The staging was magnificent. Large video screens surrounded the band on 3 sides and above. The screens played snippets of the show, along with movies and cartoons. The band was magnificent- three guitars 3 percussion guys, bass and keyboards.

From what I read about him, he is a political activist in his lyrics (would have loved a translator) but from what I could tell, he also appeals greatly to the ladies!

After the show, he made it a point to seek me out and make sure I was treated right and that I had good access. The next morning when I turned on my computer, I had emails waiting for me from his road manager and his marketing guy making sure that I had what I needed! WOW! Maybe if more people treated photographers with respect, we might want to shoot their shows!!

One thing that amazed me about the night were the sheer number of cell phones in the front rows, and the sheer number of people standing with their backs to him when he came to their side of the stage, so that their friends could snap a photo of them with him in the background. The people pictured below had seats in the front row ($127.00 per ticket) and must have shot 200 pictures of themselves during the show. Wonder if they even know what songs he sang.

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