I have been doing some interviews this week connected with an exhibit of my work that is coming up this summer, and I recounted my favorite rule of music photography:

“Whenever someone in the band climbs up on something on stage, there are only two ways that that person can get down, and only one of those ways looks really cool.” That is how most of the great jumping through the air shots happen.

So…..this week I showed up at the House of Blues to photograph two bands that I had never heard of before that day. The headliner was a band called Imagine Dragons, guys from Las Vegas who are obviously doing pretty good for themselves (two sold out House of Blues shows) The opener was a three piece band from Australia called Atlas Genius. Both bands had an interesting photo policy- everyone can shoot the whole show unless it interferes with security. Most of the photographers had no idea what to do with all that time and left early, but I stayed till the end of each bands set. At the end of Atlas Genius’s set, the singer climbed up on the bass drum, turned around, pulled out his iPhone and took a picture of the crowd. He then put the phone back in his pocket, turned toward the crowd and jumped off the drum. It was almost too easy!! Too bad all the other photographers left!!!


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