Let’s start shooting better pictures!!!

A couple of days ago someone sent me an email that was sent out to contributors of a major photo agency. I am printing it here but deleting the name of the agency to protect the innocent!! It concerns the agency wanting to put up a best of page on their website and not being able to find enough images good enough to be considered “best of.”

“Apologies but after trawling through the files and getting together a selection of images for this —— is not happy with many of them and so the banner will not be going up yet. I will work on this some more and hopefully get it up there in the next week or so.

I have to say that this has alerted —– (director of editorial photography) to the standard of photography that we are putting in to (another agency) and he is not impressed. His words were ‘I do not want to see another microphone in front of mouth picture uploaded and edits must be cut down. Do the photographers really think about the framing of their pictures before uploading the shots? To me they are all looking very boring.’

I have really struggled to even get 30 finest images out of all of our pictures. —– will be keeping an eye on our submissions and has asked me to drop photographers who are not up to standard and to hire new ones. I’m really sorry to all but it’s going to be a tough slog to prove yourselves from now on if you want to continue to shoot live.”

Wow!! Maybe there is hope. I just photographed two Weezer shows this weekend and uploaded 16 images to Getty. I also photographed 3 Buddy Guy shows in the last three days and I have uploaded 14 images total from those. There were a lot of photographers shooting the first three songs of Weezer each night. I wonder how many images they sent to their agencies?

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