Mick Jagger

I am reading the new biography of Mick Jagger written by Philip Norman. If nothing else, I am getting some exercise carrying it around (it is 600 or so pages long).

The forward goes on and on describing how hard it is to get Mick to say anything for publication- The writer then proceeds to talk to everyone who ever knew him so that he can write 622 pages of the history of the Rolling Stones (a subject that has been the central part of many books, including “The Stones” by Philip Norman! So I figured that he just rewrote his first book on the Stones and moved Mick forward in the narrative! And… he got a hold of a bunch of Stones confidant’s biographies and did his research through them. In an age where my (and many others) photography is officially worth nothing, guys like this keep on getting advances to write more books!

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