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Seems to me when a good businessman buys a billion dollar business, he shouldn’t turn around and announce that he cannot make the business successful, and he wants the government to bail him out. That is what Tom Ricketts, owner of the Cubs is doing. If any normal person did that, they would be told to go away and just go bankrupt! He obviously did not examine the horrible deal that his predecessors made with guys that owned the rooftops across the street made. These guys are stealing his product, and charging people to watch it. And the Cubs made a 20 year deal with them for a very small part of the profits. So Ricketts announces this week that if he doesn’t get all kinds of deals from the city, he will move the team to the suburbs. Stay tuned for more details as they come. Looks like the city will cave to him, as the Cubs are the number one tourist attraction in Chicago. Think what they could generate if they had a major league team to take the field each day!

On another note, earlier this week, I found out that a friend of mine had passed away. The information came from a publicist’s Facebook page. About two hours later, he miraculously came back to life! OOOPS! Guess you don’t have to check facts to have a Facebook page. Just another reason to hate Facebook.

One more thing! Got an email from a representative of an international chain of hotels, restaurants and casinos looking to buy some artwork for the walls of their  green rooms. When I asked what their budget was, this is the reply I got:

We don’t have an exact number at the moment but from past experiences a couple of dollars per print is pretty typical.

WOW, guess the hotel business isn’t doing so well these days!!

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