More on Jesse!

Even when Jesse Jackson Jr has been sentenced for his corruption, he is still making news.

Headline from the Chicagoist:

Auction Of Jesse Jackson Jr’s Collectible Crap Stopped Over Authenticity Issues

Seems he bought  Eddie Van Halen’s guitar from a Michael Jackson video, signed by Eddie and Michael.

From The Chicagoist:

United States Marshals halted an auction of personal items former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. bought with campaign money after questions about the authenticity of some of the items were raised.

Many of the items up for bid were Michael Jackson memorabilia Jackson could have won with a high Skeeball score at a street festival. One item, a guitar supposedly signed by the King of Pop and guitarist Eddie Van Halen, was removed before the auction launched Tuesday because the autographs couldn’t be authenticated. So the U.S. Marshals Service decided to cancel the auction until the authenticity of everything could be verified. A statement by Kim Beal, acting assistant director for the Asset Forfeiture Division of the U.S. Marshals Service, read:

“Because new information has come to light, we are taking additional steps to review all the items. It is our practice to be diligent about all matters relating to the management and sale of assets.”

This is a guy representing me in government!!

When I was starting out, I was working on a big festival in Chicago. David Cassidy was playing one night. When I got there in the morning I heard someone announce: “Who wants to be David Cassidy? We need a bunch of stuff autographed.” Someone in the office then signed David’s name to all the stuff.

Several years ago, I went into the office of a charity. The person there showed me a Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar signed by him. I know enough about guitars to know that the manufacture date is in the serial number. When I told the people the guitar was made two years after SRV died, they were heartbroken (They got their money back)

So, does it bother any one that a guy that governs the country buys counterfit stuff with taxpayer money?


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