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Last week someone asked me what music of today I listened to. I told her, unfortunately, none of it. Music of today doesn’t interest me. It has no soul, no heart.

This weekend I watched a film by Ridley Scott called Springsteen and I. It combines film footage of Bruce and the band through the years with home movies taken by fans and interviews with fans. One piece shows a couple from Philly. When he met her, he told her that one day he would be on stage singing with Bruce. A few years ago, he dressed up like Elvis and they went to a show. During the show, Bruce spotted him in the audience and invited him up on stage to sing All Shook Up. When he came of f the stage his wife was standing there crying.

The greatest line from the film was a Danish woman who was making a “Selfie” video with her phone out in a field. After describing how much she liked his music, she uttered a line about Bruce that I will never forget:

“We have been friends since 1985, although he doesn’t know me.”

I don’t think there isn’t a band out there today that can have that effect on their fans.

On another completely different note, from the Sun Times this week:

After repeatedly claiming to be “penniless and homeless” television infomercial Kingpin and convicted fraudster Kevin Trudeau revealed a hidden Swiss bank account to authorities after a night in jail at the Metropolitan Correctional Center downtown. The discovery of the account was revealed in newly filed court papers, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Trudeau wrote $75,000 in checks from the account on Aug. 23, weeks after U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman warned him not to move any money around. Most of the money went to longtime Trudeau business associate Lee Kenny, believed by the Federal Trade Commission to be helping Trudeau hide his assets overseas. Trudeau “remembered” the account Sept. 20, coincidentally the same day Gettleman ordered him locked up for contempt of court in an attempt to force him to reveal where his assets were hidden. Trudeau was fined $38 million in 2007 for making false claims in his infomercials about his book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About; Trudeau hasn’t paid a dime toward that fine.

Also from the Sun Times This week came an ironic headline, seeing as they fired all of their photographers earlier this year!!

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