Muddy Waters

Yesterday would have been Muddy Waters 100th Birthday. Or 102nd, depending on who you talk to! He was one of the reasons that I got into the music business. I was always a blues fan, and wanted to be around that type of energy when I was younger (still do). Shortly after starting my photography career (as a sports photographer) I met Muddy’s manager (I talked about his passing a few weeks ago) and he invited me out to a show. He brought me backstage to meet Muddy, who was very gracious. I started photographing him whenever he played in Chicago. He was the first “Superstar” that I had a working relationship with, which lasted until his passing in 1983. He was always really welcoming, and was a great subject. He had a kind of Buddha like appearance, and a great smile. They don’t make them like that any more!!Muddy

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