My Acting Debut

About a month ago, my friend Jason asked me to take some publicity pictures for his new project. He is a great guitar player, who tours with Bob Mould, among others. He came over, I set up a background, and took some cool photos of him. At the end, he asked me to take a few pictures of his elbows. HUH????

After I did, I asked him why he needed them. He replied that he was making a video describing himself as the rock star with the sexiest elbows in the world. Sounded pretty weird, and it got weirder when he asked me to be in the video!! So we went downstairs and he picked out some photos from my files of musical stars with their elbows exposed. I printed them out.

A few days later, I arrived at the location of the video shoot. Shortly after, John Stirratt from Wilco arrived, as we were both being filmed that day. We both filmed our parts, and I left, thinking that the thing was pretty weird, but fun.

A few weeks later, I got an email from Jason saying that the video was being run on the Jimmy Fallon show that night!!! Yikes!!1 Nationwide stardom. Since then, the video has gome pretty viral, and I receive about 5 emails a day from people that saw it.

Weird way to become a little part of video history, but I will take anything I can get!!!

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