No idea who they are!

Last week, I was asked to photograph two bands that I had never heard of before. Man, am I getting old!!

First up is Mutemath, 4 guys from Nashville. They sold out the House of Blues, and put on an amazing show. The singer never stopped moving, climbing and jumping. The drummer at one point wrecked his drum kit, and the crew rebuilt it while he kept on playing, I still can’t define what kind of music they played, but it was loud and fast and good. They have a great relationship with their fans, who waited for hours to get the front row, and sang along with every song. I was astounded by their energy, and by their showmanship. A good time was had by all!!

Later in the week, I went to shoot a band called Young The Giant, who sold out a 2500 seat venue. When I pulled up, there was a line of cars on the street with moms dropping off their kids for the show. These guys are from Southern California, and they rock! Drums, bass and two guitars, and a singer who never stopped moving (or smiling).

He jumped into the crowd toward the end, and for one of the encores, the band all donned full length fur coats (Which they sent a crew guy out to buy at a thrift store that afternoon) and did a cover of an R. Kelly song in a tribute to Chicago. That’s what I call attention to detail.

Not sure how long these bands will last, but right now they are great!!!

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