Notes from watching the Grammy’s

Three and a half hours I can never get back! Why do I watch this thing?

James Corden’s opening was pretty funny, and he was pretty great throughout. Bright future for that young man!!

The Weeknd can’t really sing. Was that really the Daft Punk guys in those suits? Were they actually playing those keyboards? Or did they just send the suits and had a couple of stagehands wear them on stage?

Pop duo or group award. I didn’t know who any of those people were!! 21 Pilots took off their pants when they were walking to the stage. Pretty funny and made a point that anyone can dream a big dream.

Ed Sheeran– 2 microphones, 1 guitar and I keyboard/sampler. Took a lot of balls to come out with no staging or lightshow and just entertain. I guess he does this every night in arenas around the world. Impressive.

Who the hell is Lucas Graham? I think it is a band- I get at least 2 press releases per week about them. Is it a guy named Lucas? Or a guy named Graham?

Beyonce. Great when she sang, but mostly just stood there as people danced around her.

Car Pool Karaoke- brilliant to get Neil Diamond out there! Give the old guys a chance.

William Bell and Gary Clark, Jr.- first real performance of the show. Just two guys and one guitar. Born Under a bad sign was a great choice of song.

Maren Morris and Alicia Keys. Lots of cleavage and fake hair. Too bad they can’t just come out and sing. Guess that wouldn’t be good TV.

Adele messed up the tribute to George Michael and had to start over. Very real moment!

Metallica and Lady Gaga. Someone forgot to turn James Hetfields microphone on at the beginning. Oh well, only an international show. Lady gaga should become a metal singer!!

Sturgil Simpson with the Dap Tone horns. Real singer singing a real song. Fabulous.

Bee Gee’s tribute. Embarrasing to put so little talent up on stage in front of Barry Gibb. Why is Demi Lovato in all of these tributes? Who is Tori Kelly? Who is Andra Day? Little Big Town was pretty good here. The rest? Not so much!!

Busta Rhimes coins a new name for Trump. (I think). President Agent Orange.. Tribe called Quest finished there set surrounded by Immigrants. Pretty powerful.

The Time was pretty fabulous, as always. Then Bruno Mars joined them and the rest was pretty pedestrian. Lounge version of “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Google Phone Ad with “Nothing Compares To U” was first good ad- about 3 hours in.

Chance the Rapper, Francis and the Lights, Tamala Mann and Kirk Franklin tore down the house. Reports are that he has turned down $10 million to sign with a label! The future of music.

John Legend and Cynthia Erivo sing my friend Brian Wilson’s song “God Only Knows” to memorialize the people who had passed in 2016. Fabulous moment.

The rest was a blur!!!

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