Paparazzi Wars

The Paparazzi wars continue in California. Last week Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would increase fines and penalties for photographers who harass the children of celebrities, thanks to the work of Halle Baerry and Jennifer Garner. It strengthens a law already on the books that prohibits anyone from  bothering children  because of their parents occupation.

There is a lot of opposition from first amendment supporters. The California Newspaper Publishers Association thinks that the language can effect newsgathering.

As journalists, we should be embarrassed by the actions of the paparazzi. They are actually, I believe, the cause of many legitimate photographers problems. When a celebrity sees someone with a camera, they automatically think of a guy jumping out of the bushes, not someone trying to do a job that helps them.

Maybe the next step is to go after the people who publish the photos, or the editors who suggest that this is a situation that a celebrity has to put up with, or maybe they should not have kids or live somewhere other than California (Us Weekly)

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