Nightline ran a piece on Tuesday about an unusual piece of business in the California Statehouse. Two famous women, Jennifer Garner and Hallie Barry testified in front of the lawmakers to try to get a bill passed that would keep photographers from ganging up on them on the street (sometimes in front of their houses) to take pictures of their kids. They showed the 1000’s of pictures on line of Jennifer Garner’s kids. They both testified that their kids are scared to go out in public because of the yelling photographers attacking them wherever they went!

Then they interviewed Ian Drew, and editor at Us Weekly. He had two points to make.

1. It was their choice to live in California (or New York) so they have to put up with the photographers attacking them on the street.

2. It was their choice to have children.

What a complete and total asshole!!!!!!!

As if the solution to avoiding photographers is to move to Montana, or not have kids was a solution.

I have always maintained that paparazzi photographers are the basis for all the problems that “real” photographers have to deal with. Why would either of these women ever have respect for any one with a camera in their hand?

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