Politics, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigned  from his job representing the good people of Chicago. This week, it was his wife’s turn. Sandi Jackson resigned from her job as Alderman before she was indicted. (Family that works together gets caught together!!)

A discussion started about who would replace her, and she suggested her chief of staff. Unfortunately, her chief of staff does not live in the ward she would have been representing, so the mayor suggested a transparent search for a replacement. Imagine that!!

Not good enough for Sandi, though. She is insisting that her chief of staff take the job, even though it is illegal for he to do so! And…she said that if that  is not done, she is taking all the furniture from her office home with her, as her campaign bought it all!!

I love Chicago politics- if she doesn’t like the way things go, she is taking her furniture and going home. Truly Chicago politics at it’s best!!

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