Public Enemy and Anthrax

In June of 1991, I got a call to hang with my friends in Anthrax while they shot a video in Chicago with Public Enemy for the song “Bring the Noise.” This was a new version of the Public Enemy song recorded in 1988. It was one of the best collaborations between a rap band and a heavy metal band, and it was decided that they would record the song in Chicago. So, I met them in the morning and followed them around throughout the day. This included one of my finest moments, when, at lunch Flavor Flav inquired, very loudly, what he was holding up. It was a piece of  lox, which he had taken from the table where it resided next to a platter of bagels. So, I walked over and showed Flavor Flav how to make a lox and bagel sandwich. He declared it very tasty!

Public Enemy-Anthrax_01


Later in the day, while filming in a playground, I was sitting on a bench between Chuck D. and Anthrax’s bass player Frankie Bello. As we sat there a fire broke out in a building across the street. Chuck looked over and said “I wonder how long it will take for the Fire Department to get here.” This was in reference to a song on PE’s latest album, titled 911 is Just a Number, which says that 911 is answered much slower in the ghetto. He was right. The entire porch burned off the house before the fire truck got there.

Anthrax and Public Enemy















A short time later, Frankie leaned over and asked me a crazy question. “Do you know Madonna?” YIKES!! I told him I didn’t but I knew people that knew her. So he told me that he wanted to audition to be her bass player. I told him to send me a package of his work. When I got it I sent it to the Madonna camp. Several weeks later he got a letter saying they liked his playing, but weren’t looking for someone at that time. He still talks about it to this day!

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