Quick trip to NYC

Flew to New York for a quick turn around job. YIKES! What a town.

I had to go to the Jimmy Fallon show and photograph ?uestlove from the Roots. Got to 30 Rock and had to wade through a block long line of people who had been sleeping on the sidewalk for about five days waiting to get in to see Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live! Man, that is a fan base! Some of them were waiting to see the host, Justin Timberlake, but most of them were there to see Gaga. When I arrived at the 6th floor, I spent a great hour with ?uestlove and Tariq from the Roots. Hard to find nicer people in the music business.

Got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Then I started watching the people at the gate. How did people get anything accomplished before laptops and cell phones??

Almost everyone at the gate was either talking or texting or working on their laptops. When boarding started, people waited until the last minute to close their laptops, butr continued talking and texting. Once they got to their seats, laptops came out again. Nobody turned off their devices when the announcement came on until the flight attendant came by to warn them. What is so important that they can’t wait till they get home? As soon as they were able, all the devices came back out, till the announcement came to shut them off. When we landed, as soon as the wheels touched the ground the cell phones came out. As we were taxiing to the gate, I looked around and every person that I could see from my seat was either talking or texting! Is everything just more important in the 21st century??

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