Roger Waters contract

In August of 1987, Roger Waters was about to embark on a solo tour, announcing that he was going to play Pink Floyd songs along with his solo stuff. Lot’s of controversy!! His publicist called me and asked if I would like to shoot the show (First three songs only, of course.) I weighed the 80 mile, 3 hour round trip and decided it would be worth doing. Then she asked, as an afterthought “ What magazine are you shooting for? Because you can only sell photos to one magazine.”
Remember last weeks post, when I discussed the cost of a show like this! So I innocently asked, “ Can I put down a number of magazines?” She replied, “ Make a list of any magazine you might sell a photo to, and attached it to the contract when you get there.”
So….. I started compiling a list of every publication I had ever sold a picture to! This was back before the days of computers, so 2 hours later and a lot of Whiteout my trusty typewriter spewed out a 2 page, two column, single spaced list the included everything from Rolling Stone to Popular Mechanics (You never know!) When I got to the venue, I had the people in the box office staple my list to the contract, and went in to shoot 3 really boring songs of Roger Waters.
I failed to mention that this took place at my favorite all time venue, the Poplar Creek Music Theater, where I knew everyone on the staff. At the end of the concert season, I walked up to the box office to pick up a pass for the last show of the year, and the box office manager motioned me to the side, and said, “Hang on a second, I have something that I thing might be yours. When we were cleaning up for the end of the season, I found this pile of Roger Waters contracts. Obviously, his people never came to pick them up!”
So all the discussion and listmaking was a total waste of time!
Also a waste of time was shooting the show in the first place. As far as I can remember, I have never sold any publication a picture of Roger Waters!

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