Score from last week:

Washington Post sold to Jeff Bezos from

Boston Globe sold to John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox

Newsweek, already digital only, sold for the third time in two years, sold to the International Business Times. Here is an example of the fine journalism that the IBT is doing right now!! That is what we are looking for in a news weekly!!!

All were sold at fire sale prices, first two to people not in the media business. Does this mean that they know more than the rest of us? Do they see something in the future?

All this while writers are shooting concerts for the Chicago Sun Times with their iPhones while they are taking notes for their reviews. I saw a guy at the John Mayer concert this weekend, getting in everyone’s way, pushing people out of his way and holding his little digital point and shoot over his head to try to get a picture. I asked the lady from the venue who he was shooting for (just out of curiosity) and she told me that he was the Sun Times freelancer!  And the Sun Times seems to be moving closer to a digital paper, even though they have a terrible interface on the web and have not figured out how to get people to pay for it!

Kind of interesting that the New York Times on line subscription base is growing at a great rate of speed. I would love to not have to go to the corner every morning, and hope that the rusty old paper vending box actually allows me to take a paper for my four quarters!!



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