Stone Roses

The Stone Roses weren’t very good (or popular) when they were big!! Now they are making a “comeback.”

From the website Dangerous Minds:

Something has happened to The Stone Roses and it’s not good. Over the past week a battle has been taking place over who owns the rights of any professional photographs taken of the band during their forthcoming reunion concerts.

The original contract offered to photographers stated:

(For) the payment by us to you of the sum of £1 The group (to keep) all Rights in perpetuity throughout the world so as to enable us to exploit the Photographs and the Rights as we (and/or they) deem fit without further reference or payment to you. You agree to provide us with digital copies of any or all of the Photographs upon request.

YIKES!! Finally a band has told us exactly what we are worth! At today’s rate- about $1.56!!

As acclaimed photographer Ian Tilton told Dangerous Minds, “This kind of contract may be standard when a band pays for a dedicated professional photographer to shoot a performance, but not for invited Press Photographers.”

Outraged by The Stone Roses’ contract demands, Tilton organized a campaign via his Facebook page, for press photographers to boycott The Stone Roses tour. After a flurry of texts of emails, a new photo release form was issued on behalf of the band, which now included the following:

The license hereby granted to you to photograph the artist is limited to the above grant only and NO right to sell, license or reproduce the material for advertising or commercial purposes (e.g., for use as posters, calendars, T-shirts, biographies, etc.) either to be sold, to be distributed free or to be otherwise exploited in any manner whatsoever. Nor may any material arising from the said session be reproduced in any publication devoted exclusively or predominantly to the artist unless prior permission has been obtained from THE STONE ROSES and their management.

So…..Maybe if enough people speak up?????

Click here to read the whole thing:

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